2019: Destination deep space


2018: Power Up


In 2018 we built a very complex and effective robot to compete in FIRST Power Up. It was able to deliver a power cube to the switch or scale during auto and after doing so it lined up to grab another power cube for the start of teleop. During teleop we picked up power cubes off the ground and used our elevator system to them to either the switch, scale, or exchange. During the last thirty seconds of the match we drove onto our alliance’s platform in the center of the map and dropped our signature ramps to our left and right. Our two alliance partners then drove up our ramps and by using pneumatics we were able to raise them twelve inches into the air to gain points for our alliance.


►Deliver cube to scale or switch

►Move past the auto line


►Deliver cubes to the switch

►Deliver cubes to the scale

►Deliver cubes through the exchange

►Defensive robot

►Deploy ramps for other robots to climb on

2017: Steamworks


For the 2017 season, FIRST Steamworks, we built a high performing robot. During one autonomous routine it could deliver a gear to the center lift and during another routine, it could turn to the boiler and shoot 5-10 fuel into the boiler. Once teleoperated mode commenced, our robot could pick up gears off the ground, receive gears from the player station, deliver gears to the lift, fill up on fuel from the hoppers, and shoot the fuel into the boiler. We used a gum-ball style feeder to direct the fuel balls into our shooter once they were inside our robot and we used a clamping mechanism to securely grasp gears off the floor.


► Deliver gear to middle lift

► Shoot 10 fuel into the high goal for the boiler


► Deliver gears to all three lifts

► Climb up the rope during the endgame

► Pick up gears off the ground

► Pick up gears from the loading station

► Receive fuel from the hopper



The robot we built for the 2016 season is a breaching robot. During our Autonomous mode we can drive and bring boulders over the defenses. During the Teleoperated mode we can breach the defenses (We breached with 80 seconds left in the match at Granite State), cross every defense, & score boulders in the low goal. Our robot features a unique ball handler device that lights up our LEDS when we are in possession of a boulder.


► Drive over defenses

► Bring a boulder over defense


► Breach defenses

► Cross and go over every defense

► Score boulders in low goal

► Scale the tower

2015: Recycle Rush


The robot we built for the 2015 season is a lifting & stacking robot. During autonomous mode it can drive into the Autozone of the field and is able to receive totes and recycle bins from the landfill zone. During the teleoperated period the robot can lift & stack totes and recycle bins to create a tote stack. We have an elevator mechanism in the back to lift and lower the totes so we can stack the totes no matter what height. On the front we have a rake mechanism to help pick up the recycle bins from underneath the lid which will raise up so we can put the bin onto a stack. Our robot also has neon green and blue LED lights.


► Drive into Autozone

► Pickup and bring tote into Autozone

► Pickup recycle bin from landfill and bring into Autozone


► Get recycle bins & totes from landfill

► Lift & stack totes

► Lift & stack recycle bins

2014: Aerial Assist

Meet our robot

The robot we built for the 2014 season is a low goal scoring robot. It has a working autonomous mode and can push the ball into the low goal during autonomous. The robot can pass the ball and defend/block the goals if needed. We have a claw on the front to grip around the ball to pick it up which then lets us throw the ball over behind us or lets us place it in the low goal.


► Score in the one point goal


► Block the low goals (if required)

► Receive (floor pass) the ball

► Push ball into low goal

► Pass the ball in order to earn assist points (along the floor)