Woodie Flowers Nominees

The Woodie Flowers Award recognizes an individual who has done an outstanding job of motivation through communication while also challenging the students to be clear and succinct in their communication.

2023 – Bill Schilp

2022 – Earl Hasz

2021 – Patrick Doyle

2020 – Pete Gravelle

2019 – Maureen kilcommins

2018 – Randy Clemence

Copy of RClemence 2

Team 4905 Andromeda One is proud to nominate Randy Clemence for the Woodie Flowers Award. In addition to providing students with engineering experience, Randy is the team’s cheerleader. “Randy makes the build environment a better place. He wants us all to make our mark on the team.” He volunteers with our team’s projects, camps, and campaign and is a sports coach and President of the ASEF. For all of these reasons, Team 4905 couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than Randy for this award.

2017 – Bill walters

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Team 4905 nominates Bill Walters as the Woodie Flowers candidate. Bill Walter teaches everyone, mentors and students, to share their ideas and designs. “He wants to make sure that everything is student driven, with minimal mentor intervention.” If a design doesn’t work he always has another idea up his sleeve and thrives on collaboration. For these reasons, Andromeda One is proud to nominate Bill Walters to receive the Woodie Flowers Award.

2016 – Christine miska


Andromeda One is proud to nominate our founder, Christine Miska, to receive the Woodie Flowers Award. She started team 4905 and strives to make sure we understand how the work we do for FIRST is preparing us for real-world engineering. “She is a true leader, and keeps the team together as we all try to go in different directions.”  She shows us that we can have fun while learning skills that will define our future, and this is why we nominate her for the Woodie Flowers Award.

2015 – Mike ernst


Team 4905 nominates Mike Ernst as the Woodie Flowers candidate. Mike Ernst is the mentor that motivates all of the students to get an understanding of what FIRST really is. Mike comes in to help each of the different groups within our team and allows every kid to work with him. He shows much enthusiasm when it comes to the robotics program and has a lot of fun looking at the progress that each group has made. For all of these reasons, team 4905 is proud to nominate Mike Ernst for this award.