ProtoRIO began development last year and with the help of our sponsor, Analog Devices Inc (ADI), we refined the ProtoRIO hardware and software to the point that it is ready for a more general Beta Test.

The ProtoRIO is an Arduino Leonardo-based shield that is designed to make robot prototyping and troubleshooting simple and fast. The ProtoRIO is designed to communicate with distance sensors, motor controllers, servos, encoders, and pneumatic solenoids in a similar way to the RoboRIO. Unlike the RoboRIO, the ProtoRIO does not require any additional support modules (PCM, VRM, PDB, etc.), and best of all, NO PROGRAMMING IS REQUIRED! The ProtoRIO is controlled remotely and displays all data on any Android phone or tablet (Apple support coming soon). The ProtoRIO includes a fuse so it can be safely connected directly to a standard robot battery and will measure the voltage and current to monitor the real-time effects of loading the battery. The ProtoRIO is designed to be plug-and-play so anyone can use it to quickly debug or test hardware.

For questions and to provide feedback, contact the Andromeda One ProtoRIO development team at