Installation and Software

The ProtoRIO beta test kit consists of the following:

  • ProtoRIO Shield – Support circuitry for controlling robotic components, supply monitoring/protection, and Bluetooth communication.
  • Arduino Leonardo microcontroller, pre-installed with the latest Arduino software – The brains of ProtoRIO.

ProtoRIO User GuideDescribes how to install and get started
with ProtoRIO, in addition to information about advanced operations.

In addition, you must provide:

  • Battery connector, 14 AWG stranded wire, and FTC/FRC battery
  • Other connectors as necessary to talk to robotic components.
  • Android device running at least Android V2.1 with Bluetooth V4.2 support.

Once you have verified the kit contents please take a look at the startup instructions to get you going.

For questions and to provide feedback, contact the Andromeda One ProtoRIO development team at