FTC 15202

Team Betelgeuse

We are a rookie team from Shirley, Ma.  A lot of us have been on a Lego robotics team.  Also some of the people on our team have played games that involve strategy and problem solving that can server as guidance in this competition.

We have set small goals, such as pushing minerals into the depot instead of putting them inside the lander.  One of our big challenges was programming and building our robot to attach to the lander and dropping down from the lander. Our team has worked on the landing and dropping our marker in the depot.  This task was hard because we needed to develop a idea on how to build a harness to hold our marker and how to release our marker in the depot box during autonomous. Our team pushed through the challenge and figured out how to solve the problems.

Our team is broken into three committees,  hardware which builds the framework for the robot, software which programs the robot, and business which handles our engineering notebook and our sponsors.  We have discussed a few strategies, which will help us work with our allies. Our team goal is to execute the same tasks in each match to receive the same numbers of points every time.